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    Ugo moses

    Name:Ugo chinaka moses
    Dept: Civil engineering HND1 Evening
    Course:CEC 307P
    Group D


    1. What is the title of the video you just watched?
    2. List the tools and apparatus for the experiment.
    3. State the procedure for the experiment.
    4. State the necessary precautions used to obtain adequate readings.
    5. What was the result of the experiment?


    1. Determination of California Bearing Ration (C.B.R) Test
    2. Apparatus: As per 15:2720 (Part 16)
    a. Mixing tools (trowel, spoon etc)
    b. C.B.R mould with diameter 150mm and height of 175mm
    c. Mould collar and the base
    d. Spacer DISC with diameter of 148mm and height of 47.7mm
    e. Surcharge weight of 2.5kg with hole 53mm
    f. Slotted weight of 2.5kg
    g. Penetration plunger with height 100mm and base = 50mm
    h. Loading machine capacity of 5000kg and uniform rate of 1.25mm per hour
    i. Dial gauge
    j. Compaction Rammer
    k. Coating bowl
    l. Filter paper.
    3. The test procedure consist of two parts which are:
    a. Preparing test specimen
    b. Penetration test.
    And the following step was taken:
    i. Soil sample was collected and passed through sieve and poured into a metal tray
    ii. It was thoroughly mixed with water to a homogenous state
    iii. It was compacted into three layers at the rate of 56 – uniformly distributed bowls for each layer inside the mould.
    iv. The mould moist sample was weighed and recorded
    v. The space disc discover that base plate were inserted as the filter paper was placed out.
    vi. Place the mould in the loading frame and its position was adjusted until the piston is centered on the specimen
    vii. The total reading of the penetration were recorded.
    4a. It was ensured that the reading were recorded carefully so as to avoid error in computation of result
    b. It was ensured that the mould was on leveled surface while compacting so as to have a uniformly distributed blows.
    c. It was ensured that the soil sample was compacted into three layers at the rate of 56 uniformly distributed blows for each layer inside the mould.
    5. The result of the standard load valves.
    Penetration (mm) Unit load kg (f)/cm2 Total load kg (f)
    2.5 70 1350
    5.0 105 2055

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