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    Anyanwu Messiah

    1. California bearing ratio test

    2. compaction mold,shovel, hammer,water,wrench, scraper,spacer disk.

    3. sieve the soil 4.5kg
    condition the soil until it reaches its maximum moisture content. it should be mix well.
    Compaction process: Remove the screws from the compaction mold,then remove the main mold from the platform and place the spacer disk and filter paper on top of the mold.
    After adding soil into the compaction mold compact the soil into 3 layer using 25blow.
    2nd layer after compacting using hammer reattach the upper portion of the compact mold. 3rd layer do the same, remove the upper portion of the compaction layer.
    Scrap off the remaining soil. remove the compact mold from platform.

    4. ensure that the mold was on leveled surface.
    Ensure that the soil sample was compacted into three layer and distributed blows for each layer inside the mold.

    5. weighted compacted soil+ mold
    data was given in computer. and was put in and oven and return in the next 24hour to obtain the moisture.

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